Let's get the recipe out of the way FIRST since that is why you are here, right? You can read more about the "why I love this" below. Now... It's coffee time!

8 cups of Morning Dew Coffee* (Brew instructions are below)
1/2 cup of Ghee (I really like the one from Trader Joe's)
1/2 cup of coconut oil MCT (Costco item)
2 TBS Whey protein powder
1 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (optional)
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice (optional)

You will also need: Blender with a GLASS jar.

Brew 2 oz of Drip Grind Morning Dew Coffee in a pour-over brewer. I will give the K-Cup adaptation below. You need the full 2 oz because the coffee needs to be VERY strong! The lighter coffee is the more caffeine it has. (Which is why our white coffee is SO strong)!

Make sure the blender has the bottom VERY securely attached. Check the seals, gaskets, and screw-in base regularly for cracks, leaks, and problems. You will want to do this BEFORE hot coffee goes in. (Can you tell I am a Mom?)

In the bottom, add everything except the coffee. Pour in the hot coffee as the final step.

Put the lid on the blender. Again... Check the top for any cracks, or seam holes. Make sure the center de-gassing plug is securely in place.

Blend on low for 30 seconds, then high until frothy.

Enjoy your first cup now. You should have enough for three additional servings. Pour into glass jars and refrigerate. You can reheat in a mug with a wire wisk to froth each day. I like the electric frothing wand sold on Amazon. It makes every cup just as good as the first!

As promised... The K-cup version

1 tsp of Drip Grind Morning Dew Morning Dew
1 tsp of Ghee
1 tsp of MCT oil
1 tsp Protein Powder
Dash of Turmeric
Dash of Himalayan Sea Salt
Dash of Pumpkin Pie spice

"Why I love this..."

I can't live without coffee. I can drink "black" coffee, but I don't truly enjoy it. I was raised with a Mom that made everything with butter and cream. That makes this recipe remind me of the good 'ole days. The days before I had to worry about tons of added sugar in everything, and keeping in a healthy range.

I use Morning Dew because it is a blend of dark coffee that gives this recipe a full, rich taste. The lighter (medium) roasted beans allow the addition of the Turmeric and Pumpkin pie spice to really shine. The medium beans allow give the caffeine boost I need to function and make sentences.

Turmeric is extremely beneficial for me personally because I have several Auto-Immune disorders. The inflammation can be crippling at times. Turmeric is a well-known anti-inflammatory. It won't replace prescription pain relief by any stretch, but it can help you reduce the dosage overtime with regular use (Note: This is based solely on my experience and does not replace medical directions). It is non-addictive. Turmeric is a strong flavor that make take some getting used to.

Cinnamon (found in the pumpkin pie spice) is great for digestion! When used with the blend above, it can go to work easing stomach issues, and stimulating digestive juices. Sometimes, I will omit the "pumpkin pie spice" and just do the cinnamon! I may even add a dash of vanilla if I feel particularly fancy.

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