Fresh Coffee is GREAT Coffee!

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/21/2019

I have a few customers that purchase the sample packs from us every few weeks because they want the freshest coffee possible. They don’t go through much, so for them, the smaller pack works. The small packs (especially in whole bean) keep the coffee EXACTLY how it was when it was roasted for 6 weeks. After that, you get a little bit of oil coming out of the beans, but it still tastes perfectly fresh for up to one year.

Gourmet Organic Coffee Sampler

Gluten Free Coffee Cupcake Recipe

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/16/2019
The weather on the Oregon Coast has decided to flip into fall. More like nose-dive, but at any rate, we went from open windows last week to testing the heater this week. It makes me want to use the oven again.

As usual, I can't just "make a recipe." I have to "Nectar-ify" it. This means it will be Gluten Free, Organic, and Fair Trade with everything possible. It also means it has to taste good. I'm not going to waste calories on gross food.

Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/11/2019
If coffee is the only thing you grab before you head to work in the morning, give this recipe a go. Bonus: you can make ahead! It has protein, good fats, and electrolytes! I store mine in Kombucha jars that have been thoroughly washed. Keruig options are listed below.

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