Bulk Organic Coffee
Bulk Organic Coffee

Bulk Organic Coffee

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5 LB Bulk Discount Organic Fair Trade Coffees
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We GUARANTEE these coffees. This may be the cheapest organic coffee with free shipping you'll find, but it doesn't mean these are not PREMIUM ORGANIC COFFEES. If you are unhappy with the quality of the coffees you can return any unused coffee for a full refund. All coffees are 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC FAIR TRADE.

BLENDS (Subject to Change)


Americana is an exquisite blend of 100% shade grown, certified Organic, Fair Trade gourmet coffees from the Americas. Most of the coffees in this blend are Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), or Strictly High Grown (SHG) and were grown at elevations of over 4500ft. Coffees grown at high elevations develop more slowly resulting in a dense bean structure and complex flavors. Roasted to a light/medium roast, this blend is clean and bright. It shows floral and citrus notes, followed by a smooth nutty vanilla flavor.- LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.

Guatemala Sunrise

A delicious blend of high grown Guatemalan coffees. This coffee has a medium acidity with flavors of nuts, spice and citrus. - LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.


Once ground, the coffee has aromas of toasted sesame and cinnamon. On the palate this Honduran coffee has a firm, pleasing acidity. There are traces of chocolate and cinnamon. This is an extremely clean, easy drinking coffee. - LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.

Mexico Chiapas

This is a fabulous Mexican coffee that brews up a rich, full-bodied cup with a spicy finish. There are flavors of tart cherry and vanilla. Delicious! - LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.


Very high grown coffee from Nicaragua. This light roasted coffee has firm acidity with notes of vanilla and spice. - LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.

Peru Norte

This coffee was shade grown high (4500+ ft) in the mountains of the Norte region of Peru. This is a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Arabica, Fair Trade, organic coffee. Our Peruvian coffee has a fairly large bean structure at a 17+ screen size. We roast this coffee to a light/medium roast to accentuate the flavors yet retain the acidity. It is a well balanced coffee with good acidity. At this light/medium roast level it shows mild citrus notes and finishes clean with pleasing fruit flavors. - LIGHT/MEDIUM ROAST.


Sumatran coffee is arguably the most full-bodied, flavorful coffee in the world, and this blend from the Gayoland region of Sumatra, Indonesia is a prime example. We roasted it to a deep, dark roast to unleash the full body and floral/earthy flavors that only an exceptional Sumatran coffee can provide. Taste it once and you won't go back!- MEDIUM/DARK ROAST.

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