Private Label and Custom Coffee Information
1. All coffee is certified Organic, and Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans. The decaffeinated coffee is 100% Swiss Water processed.
2. Drip Grind is $0.50 more per bag.
3. If you wish to provide your own pre-printed bag, we credit $0.25 per bag.
4. If you wish to use the USDA logo, we do require a submission fee. We will submit ONE label/artwork for free. Any additional blend labels are $250.00 per submission.
5. If you do not have PRINT READY artwork (if you have any questions about what we require, please give us a call) we charge $75.00 per hour to create your perfect logo. We require a $150.00 down-payment. If it takes less than two hours to complete the work, your order will be credited the difference.
6. You must order at least 60 of each type. (For example, if you want Happy Place, and Morning Dew in whole bean and Drip Grind, and only French Roast whole bean: your order would be for 300 total bags). The case size is an 18 x 18 x 12 shipment.
7. We do NOT split cases.
8. Free shipping when you order three (60 pack) cases or more to ONE SINGLE U.S. lower 48 BUSINESS address only. Residential addresses are a flat $25.00 shipping per box on 3 cases or more.
9. Absolutely no refunds, credits, exchanges, or returns for private label and custom orders. If there is shipping damage, it must be reported within 12 hours of receiving the product.
10. If you purchase bulk coffee and label and bag it yourself, YOU MAY NOT USE THE USDA LOGO WITHOUT A HANDLERS LICENSE AND PERMIT.

Price Details: 10 oz WHOLE BEAN
Morning Dew
French Roast
Happy Place
$8.00 per bag*

Ultimate Espresso
$8.25 per bag*

Single Origin
Nectar Shot
Old Faithful
$9.00 per bag*

Morning Dew Decaf
Decaf Ultimate Espresso
$9.25 per bag*

Swiss Water Sumatra
Swiss Water Peruvian
Swiss Water Komodo
$9.50 per bag

* NO LABEL or NOL logo label w/ custom name only.
$0.30 added per bag for private label and application.
12 oz size is $1.00 more per bag
16 oz size is $2.50 more per bag

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