Natural Grocer Medford Oregon

Posted by H.Jennings on 1/14/2020
The clouds seemed to break for a moment and sunlight swept on the Natural Grocer sign in Medford, OR that early December day when the first delivery of Nectar of Life Coffee was brought in. The store features some of our best sellers: Ultimate Espresso, Morning Dew, Happy Place, and Colombia. Most blends are available in both whole bean and drip grind.

Natural Grocer is a chain of Natural/Organic grocery stores that sells everything from vitamins (they used to be under the name Vitamin Cottage until they expanded the market about 10 years ago) to fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit. You will find local products from small scale farms, dairy items, and personal care products. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable.

Natural Grocers makes a point to feature companies like ours that are women owned, and locally produced. For that reason, we would love for you ALL to stop in and see what they offer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and prices.

With the product on the shelves, now it is time to sell it all! We are currently looking to bring on one person to help us with product demonstrations. The pay is $50.00 for a three hour demo. We would prefer someone that LOVES coffee, but it is not required.

Last Minute Coffee Gift Ideas

Posted by H.Jennings on 12/12/2019
Author Note: I link to Amazon through my affiliate program. The commission I get helps keep this whole operation moving and food on the table. I appreciate every click. Your business means SO MUCH to us!

Christmas is less than two weeks away. The New Year is less than three weeks away. As I type that, it seemed a bit impossible. Wasn't it just the 4th of July?

I know some of you probably procrastinated on shopping for a few folks on your list because they are notoriously hard-to-buy for. Procrastinate no further! I have a list of things every beverage drinker on your list will LOVE!


Posted by H.Jennings on 12/10/2019

We get the customer (or two) that are crabby because they "placed their order THAT WAS A GIFT" on/after December 21st. They expected it to arrive by Christmas because... duh... It's CHRISTMAS.
But here is the thing...
Christmas comes every single year on December 25th. I can't do anything about when packages arrive. I put in conservative deadlines so folks will understand and can make informed decisions about placing orders.
I want your business. Don't get me wrong.
But I also don't want to be blamed for orders being delayed.
On top of an actual avalanche of packages in your mail/UPS/FedEx carriers truck, there are other things to consider. We don't stock roasted coffee. We never have. Every order is fresh roasted... It is kinda our thing. We have to process and roast your coffee. The next day, the packages are picked up.
For the record, here are the deadlines for 2019. On this note, please don't send me nasty-grams complaining about your order being delayed. You have been notified ;).
GROUND/FREE SHIPPING ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY DECEMBER 16, 2019. After that, if you select "free shipping" we suggest printing a photo of the item you ordered and putting it in a box for the recipient. Let them know they will get the order after the New Year. Anticipation builds character.
ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY DECEMBER 18TH. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you want your order to arrive on-time, for the love of Christmas, SELECT and pay for Priority/expedited.
We are closing for a two week vacation (we are a Mom & Pop business- we don't have employees to come in for us) December 20th- January 2nd. We are not processing orders during that time. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Fresh Coffee is GREAT Coffee!

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/21/2019

I have a few customers that purchase the sample packs from us every few weeks because they want the freshest coffee possible. They don’t go through much, so for them, the smaller pack works. The small packs (especially in whole bean) keep the coffee EXACTLY how it was when it was roasted for 6 weeks. After that, you get a little bit of oil coming out of the beans, but it still tastes perfectly fresh for up to one year.

Gourmet Organic Coffee Sampler

Gluten Free Coffee Cupcake Recipe

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/16/2019
The weather on the Oregon Coast has decided to flip into fall. More like nose-dive, but at any rate, we went from open windows last week to testing the heater this week. It makes me want to use the oven again.

As usual, I can't just "make a recipe." I have to "Nectar-ify" it. This means it will be Gluten Free, Organic, and Fair Trade with everything possible. It also means it has to taste good. I'm not going to waste calories on gross food.

Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/11/2019
If coffee is the only thing you grab before you head to work in the morning, give this recipe a go. Bonus: you can make ahead! It has protein, good fats, and electrolytes! I store mine in Kombucha jars that have been thoroughly washed. Keruig options are listed below.

Five Ways to own Back-To-School

Posted by H.Jennings on 8/26/2019
Every year starts out with so many expectations, and it can be very overwhelming. Who has time to make a cute chalk board sign for each kid? Adorable cookie cutter sandwiches? That will last two months... tops. So what can you do to help make the transition from bathing suits to backpacks easier? Here are a few (very simple) tips to keep the momentum up from beginning to end of year. (Hint: One of them involves coffee).

Can You Grow Coffee in the Lower 48 States

Posted by H.Jennings on 3/22/2019

Without fail, every coffee demo I have done, I am asked if we “grow the beans.” It’s a reasonable question because coffee is just something you expect to be able to grow. However, coffee is a remarkable crop with a complex and misunderstood growing environment.

In general, coffee is grown between the Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn. These regions are rich with volcanic soil, consistent sunlight exposure, and consistent moisture. There are a few outliers, like Puerto Rico, and California, but there are a few things these regions are struggling with.

Where Is the Nectar?

Posted by H.Jennings on 3/12/2019
I have GREAT news! You can now buy Nectar of Life at a store near you on the Oregon Coast! If you don't live near one of these locations, get in touch with us about your local area and we will do everything we can to get you the coffee. I have listed our current customers on the Oregon Coast. We will list others soon. If you would like to join the Nectar of Life Coffee Company brand and feature the coffee at your store, restaurant, or eatery let us know. We have low minimum orders and great customer retention! The best part is we feature our customers each week on our Facebook, and Instagram pages at no charge! We know that when your business grows, ours will as well.

Cut the K-Cup!

Posted by H.Jennings on 10/17/2018
With K-cups producing (per user) an average of a 6 cubit foot room every year worth of waste, it is worth noting you might not be "wasting" coffee, but you are adding to that Pacific trash pile in grand fashion. I digress. I know most Kcup drinkers don't know that pod is a major drain on our environment. This blog post is about bringing back the good ole' 12 cup brewer and reclaiming our sense of leaving the planet better than we found it. (Even if it means a *little* more work on our part).

Cha-cha-changes to the Gift Baskets

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/11/2018

If something is perfect, leave it alone. If it isn’t fix it! With this in mind, I am hard at work putting together our brand new gift basket collection for the upcoming holiday season.


Posted by H.Jennings on 9/10/2018
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We packed up and moved the entire operation to Pistol River, Oregon from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho at the end of June 2018. This is our adventure…

In April, we were hit with a second great loss, I lost my dad (and wonderful dog). No one saw the loss coming. In an instant life went from it’s normal level of stress to a volcanic eruption meets a Super Cell tornado. To quote the great Bugs Bunny, “That was a big boom there, Wiley.”

What is "White Coffee?"

Posted by H.Jennings on 4/12/2018
What is
Do you want more information about what white coffee is? Is it worth the cost? What does it taste like? Why is organic white coffee important? Is white coffee better than regular roasted coffee? Is there acid free white coffee? Can I buy white coffee whole bean? How do I brew white coffee?

These questions and more are addressed in the blog post below. If you would like more information, feel free to comment below and we will help you out.

Save Money on Organic Coffee

Posted by H.Jennings on 1/13/2018
It is no secret, coffee has radically gone up in price even for the quasi cheap coffee. With non-organic coffee you run the risk of adding "bulking" agents like chicory, or robusta. Some folks mistake robusta as a type of "coffee." Although similar looking, robusta beans are much higher in caffeine and acidity. (Hence the reason some folks say "coffee makes me sick." I will get into more detail about different coffee beans in another post). A good cup of coffee is well worth it's weight in beans.

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