Reusable Bags

  • Shopping Bags
    If you want eco friendly shopping bags that stand out from the crowd then this is what you need! We have meticulously crafted these works of art from our green coffee's jute bags. You can reuse these bags for years and years.
  • Lunch Bags
    Check out our collection of eco friendly lunch sacks. These are hand crafted lunch bags made from our green coffee jute sacks.
  • Halloween Bags
    If you want to own a reusable Halloween candy bag that makes a statement then you're in the right place. These "boo-tiful" reusable candy bags are made from the sacks our green coffee was packaged.
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Eco Friendly Shopping Bag
Reusable Shopping Bag Made from Jute Coffee Sacks.
$39.99 $34.99
Eco Friendly Reusable Lunch Bags
Reusable Lunch Bags Made from Jute Coffee Sacks.
Reusable Halloween Bag - Boo
Halloween Bag Made from Coffee Sacks with Word Boo!
Reusable Halloween Bag - Jack O'Lantern
Halloween Bag Made from Coffee Sacks with Hand Made Jack O-Latern!

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