The Economy May be Bad, But You Don't Have to Drink Bad Coffee

The economy is not as strong as it was a few years ago. Inflation is quickly depleting people’s savings. If you are a coffee aficionado, it may be difficult to afford quality coffee. If you find yourself in a position of paying rent or buying decent coffee, you may need some help.

With limited funds it can be daunting to find gourmet coffee. To find the best deal on gourmet coffee consider buying coffee in bulk. Purchasing bulk coffee can save you up to 30 percent or more per pound of coffee. Bulk coffee is usually 5lbs or more of coffee purchased at one time.

There are many options online for purchasing bulk coffee. You can find many gourmet coffees sold for a serious discount when purchased in bulk. Nectar of Life coffee sells gourmet Fair Trade organic coffees in bulk at prices that are less than cheap conventional coffees purchased at a grocery store. Nectar of Life fresh roasts their coffee after an order is placed. The quality of their fresh roasted coffee is on par with the finest gourmet coffees in the world.

It is recommended that people drink certified organic coffees. You may pay a little bit more for certified organic coffees, but it is worth it. When you purchase gourmet organic coffees in bulk you really aren’t paying more than conventional coffees. Organic coffee gives you a peace of mind that you aren’t drinking pesticides or other harmful substances. Organically grown coffees are better for the consumer and the environment.

If you enjoy the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, then you need the highest quality coffee you can afford. Purchasing only the finest gourmet organic coffees doesn’t have to break the bank. You may be concerned about purchasing coffee in bulk. Many people think the coffee will go stale before they drink it all. If you purchase fresh roasted coffee, it should be very good for 3 weeks or more without any special preparation.

If you purchase more bulk coffee than you can drink within a few weeks there are ways to preserve it. If you have a vacuum food sealer you can save fresh coffee for months. Wait at least 5 days after the coffee was roasted before you vacuum seal it. Coffee emits gases for several days after roasting. You want to be sure your sealed packaged doesn’t explode. After the coffee is vacuum sealed you can store it in a cool dark location. If the bags you use are freezer-proof, you may store the vacuum sealed coffee in a chest freezer. It is not recommended to store the coffee in a freezer that utilizes automatic defrost. Freezers that automatically defrost cycle temperatures, which is not ideal for long term storage. If you do store your vacuum sealed coffee in a chest freezer it is important to let the coffee warm to room temperature before you open the package.

If you don’t have a food sealer you can use canning jars to store your bulk coffee beans. Any container that is airtight will help preserve your gourmet coffee. Store containers of coffee in a cool dark location. It is not recommended to store coffee in a refrigerator. When coffee is removed from a refrigerator it is very cold. Moisture in the air may condense on the cold coffee beans. Moisture causes coffee to go stale very quickly.

The economy may be bad right now, but that doesn’t mean you should drink bad coffee. If you purchase coffee in bulk, you can continue to enjoy gourmet coffee at a reasonable price. Purchasing bulk coffee is the smart move for coffee drinkers in a down economy.

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