We were super excited to get this video review today. https://www.facebook.com/NectarofLifeOrganicCoffee/videos/1342487795955678/ I would love to see a few more! If you love Nectar of Life Coffee Company, please let the world know! Tag us in your video review on Instagram @nectaroflifeorganiccoffeeco and we will send you a gift certificate for $5.00 off your next order! We will send the code via instgram/facebook messenger (they are pretty much one and the same).

Why do we need video reviews? Well, they are given preference online. People love seeing smiling testimonials. Testimonials help develop trust in the brand. When you are branching out into new markets and new locations and can't do in-person product reviews this is vital! Video reviews from real folks show that what is important to us (Organic, Fair Trade, No Waste Facility, Woman Owned, etc.) matter to other people too. Nectar of Life is socially and economically balanced. We don't just buy carbon off-sets, but we set into motion practices that make a global impact. We reuse 99% of all boxes and shipping materials. When they can't be reused, they are recycled. We encourage every customer to come up with ways to reuse the foil bags. (My favorite is the deck planter boxes, super cute and super functional!)

When we all step-up to do a little more, it makes all the difference in the world. You wouldn't think supporting Nectar of Life Coffee could be that important; to us, it is everything. We want to share our coffee and our passion for excellence with the world. By helping us grow, (telling others about Nectar of Life Coffee, sharing our Facebook page, doing a video review, etc.) you are creating a more sustainable supply chain. You aren't relying on corporations and mega brands to get product to you, you are working with a real family with real dreams that can make sure you are never without your morning coffee. Our shelves at Nectar of Life are roasted to order. We will not let you down.

Thank you so much for the love and support. Hannah, Martin and Crew <3

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