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There is a strange new coffee sweeping the nation. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is called White Coffee. But what is it? Is it even really coffee?

Nectar of Life White Coffee is the only white coffee I can personally address, as I don't represent any other brand. Nectar of Life White Coffee is 100% organic, Fair Trade certified high grade Arabica coffee.

We don't buy, use, sell, represent, taste, or otherwise associate with anything robusta related. Robusta is an inferior (but higher caffeine level) coffee-ish plant. Robusta is usually higher in bitterness units. Some people report stomach issues with coffee from having consumed robusta. For those reasons, we just skip it all together.

Nectar of Life White Coffee is a closely monitored VERY LIGHT blend of single origin coffees. The beans are still very, very hard. We cannot sell whole bean coffee as white coffee would snap the blades off a home coffee grinder. Unless you have a commercial grade steel burr grinder, the coffee would destroy and void warranties. Nectar of Life has a dedicated white coffee grinder. The burrs are very sharp, very tough and take on this challenge easily. You can order it in "fine grind," which is espresso powder, or "drip grind" for french press and pour-over brewers.

White Coffee is the highest caffeine content Arabica coffee we sell. The acid is very high as the acid is reduced by roast time. Since white coffee is pulled in early roast stages, the acid and caffeine are similar to that of green coffee beans. If you have heart conditions of any type, you will want/need to avoid this particular coffee. (Please read the full disclosure on the White Coffee page). As with any product containing high caffeine levels, you are taking a known health risk with consumption. Most people overlook the warnings and drink it anyway.

Darker roasted coffee is much different from white coffee flavor wise. White coffee is more on the "nut" side with almost no fruity, or chocolate/creamy notes at all. It smells like peanuts when you first open the bag. It brews light, like green tea. You will only need a small amount to "feel" the coffee.

Brewing this coffee can be a challenge. The first very important thing to note is this: DO NOT TAMP THIS COFFEE in an espresso machine. The coffee will more than double in size and has caused many espresso machines to malfunction as a result of improper brewing technique. Scoop in about one teaspoon per shot of espresso and level it off with a toothpick, or skewer by "fluffing it up." (Make small circles in the powder until there are no clumps, or large ridges). Let the espresso machine run the same time you would for regular coffee. For the first few tries make sure you stand there in case of overflow.

Those using a french press will want to use the drip grind. The fine grind would go right through the mesh filter. You will be left with a "sandy" coffee of sorts.

A pour-over brewer can be tricky since all brewers operate at different water heating levels. You will need to experiment with very small amounts of coffee until you have a formula that works for your machine.

Brewing white coffee in a single pod system is the most difficult. Putting even a bit too much in the reusable filter can cause over-flow and short out your system. In general, we don't recommend single cup pod systems. However, if it is what you have to make the coffee "go," start with only about a half a teaspoon. You will need to work on dialing in the taste and your preferences from there.

Nectar of Life uses exclusively organic certified coffee. The beans are grown at high altitudes. In compliance with international organic growing protocol, farmers are not permitted to use most chemicals. Natural pest, and fungal management methods are employed rather than just crop dusting like they do with non-organic coffee.

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