Nectar of Life ONLY roasts certified organic coffeesUSDA Certified Organic Coffee

Nectar of Life Coffee Company is a certified USDA Organic Coffee Roaster. Our certification is performed by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture. 
It is not enough for a roaster to simply purchase organic certified coffees. In order for a coffee roaster to sell truly certified organic coffee they need to be a USDA organic certified processor. By ensuring that we pay the expense for annual inspections and audits we help fund the system that makes certified organic coffees possible. We have seen many roasters claim their coffees are "organically grown", but they are not a certified organic coffee roaster. They may or may not be selling "organically grown" coffees, but without certification there is no way to tell. If you want to be confident that you are truly drinking organic coffee please make sure the roaster you purchased from is a certified organic coffee roaster according to USDA guidelines.