Popular Online Market Place Organic Coffees - 2 Pack with Free Shipping
2 - Pack Organic Coffees

Popular Online Market Place Organic Coffees - 2 Pack with Free Shipping

Nectar of Life Retail Blends (previously sold on Amazon) - 10 oz Whole Bean.
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We are offering our 10 oz Fair Trade gourmet organic coffee blends that have been sold through online marketplaces such as Amazon. You can mix and match which two blends you want - NOTE: These coffees will be fresh, but are not roasted to order - they are WHOLE BEAN ONLY!

Note: Coupon codes do not apply to this item.

We GUARANTEE these coffees. If you are unhappy with the quality of the coffees you can return any unused coffee for a full refund.

COFFEES  (Subject to Change)


Bright Eyed is a MEDIUM roasted blend of Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffees from Guatemala combined with shade grown coffees from South America and Indonesia. The South American coffees such as Colombian coffee provide a nutty cocoa flavor that pairs nice with the citrus flavors from the SHB Guatemalan coffees. The low acid Indonesian coffees add an earthy note and silky mouth feel. All coffees are certified organic and Fair Trade.


Bushy Tailed is a DARK ROAST blend of coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia! If you like a dark roast coffee that still retains some structure and acidity this is the blend for you. We incorporate Strictly High Grown (SHG) shade grown coffees from Nicaragua. We combine the Nic. with Colombian and Sumatran coffees. The result is a decidedly dark brew with notes of anise, chocolate and a bit of orange. This is a Fair Trade organic coffee blend that is absolutely Delicious!


Happy Face is a very DARK ROAST blend that is a sure crowd pleaser! It is a very dark roasted blend of organic Fair Trade - shade grown coffees from around the world. The largest percentages of the blend are Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffees from South America. We threw in a bit of organic Sumatran coffee for a thick mouth feel and earthy undertones.


If you think the name of this coffee is some form of greeting you should re-read the name slowly ;^) NAMATASTE is a VERY DARK ROAST that is seconds away from French Roast. This is a very LOW ACID blend of coffees from Indonesia and South America. It is extremely full-bodied and has flavors of roasted nuts, dark chocolate and just plain yumminess. It is a unique blend that is extremely smooth. All the coffees in this blend are certified both organic and Fair Trade.

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