Organic Fair Trade Colombian Coffee


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Dark roasted Fair Trade organic coffee from Colombia.
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Nectar of Life® roasts some of the finest Colombian coffees in the world. We have our own special roast profile for our gourmet Colombian coffee, which we call Chocolate Roast™. The coffees we use are of the highest quality Arabica you will ever find. We found the perfect dark roast level that brings out a dark chocolate quality in this exquisite coffee. Initially, on the palate the coffee is bright with a Hazelnut quality then quickly turns to a dark chocolate flavor with a smooth, full bodied finish. If you do not fully enjoy this Colombian coffee for any reason we will give you a full refund!

Colombian coffee growing regions Colombia is a diverse group of coffee origins, with both Northern and Southern coffee growing regions. In the last few years finding an excellent Colombian coffee has become possible, but not easy. Colombian coffee is well known throughout the coffee world, but until recently its popularity was based more on effective marketing than on high quality coffee. Everyone is familiar with the term Colombian Supremo, but how many people know that the term "Supremo" only specifies the nominal bean size and has NOTHING to do with the quality of the coffee. We source our Colombian coffees based on overall cup quality and care nothing of the Supremo status (although these beans are fairly large at 16+ screen size). We are currently using coffees from the Northern region of OcamonteSatellite Map of Ocamonte Colombian Coffee Growing Region Satellite Map of the Colombian Coffee Growing Region of Quinchia and the extremely high Northern Andes region of Quinchia.

Ocamonte is located 54 miles south west of Bucaramanga Colombia. The coffee is grown at an elevation of over 5000 feet, which allows the coffee to ripen slowly giving it more body and flavor than a coffee grown at a lower elevation. The Bucaramanga region is known for producing classic Caturras and Bourbons.

Quinchia is a micro zone of 100 square miles located in the Midwest region of Colombia, some 65 miles from the state capital of the Department of Risaralda. It is located high in the Northern Andes, and the coffee is grown at an elevation of over 6400 feet! At this altitude the coffee develops very slowly producing a very deep, intense fruit and chocolate quality. This Colombian coffee is phenomenal!

So, if you like Colombian coffee you'll love this, and if you don't like Colombian coffee this may change your mind.

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