I have GREAT news! You can now buy Nectar of Life at a store near you! If you don't live near one of these locations, get in touch with us about your local area and we will do everything we can to get you the coffee. Below is a list of retailers and a little about each location. We have expanded our operations to Oregon and you are going to love what each one of them offers.

1. Semi-Aquatic in Brookings www.semiaquaticgallery.com: Semi-Aquatic is not just an art store. They feature great local items like bee's wax food covers, hand painted items, spectacular art, and of course... Nectar of Life Coffee! Spencer and Stacey own the store and put their heart into everything that goes in. You have got to see some of the pieces! We highly suggest getting one of Spencer's works in a mug form and pairing it with a bag of coffee to make an amazing gift! You will also find Ali. Ali is a superhero when it comes to procuring anything art and coffee related you need. She knows our blends inside and out and has read up on our website.

2. Wildwood in Brookings Wildwood is a collection of the nifty, eclectic, and useful. The owner of the store has brought in a huge selection of unique goods from all over the world and will soon feature a number of Nectar of Life Coffee blends in bulk. The coffee sold there now is in the 10 oz size and pick up a few small samples to try as well! Dana can order any coffee we roast and have it ready for you when you come in. Just make sure to give her a few days head's up.

3. McKay's Market in Gold Beach www.mckaysmarket.com McKay's Market in Gold Beach features a selection of our best sellers and newest releases. You will find the coffee on the second shelf to the top. The friendly, helpful staff will help you find whatever you need whether you are on vacation, or grocery shopping in our little fishing village. We have demo's at this location quarterly and you can find out more about the store, products and prices by visiting the Nectar of Life Coffee Instagram page.

4. Dumire's Bliss in the Port of Gold Beach is where to pick up a latte and a scoop of your favorite Umpqua Ice Cream. Jeremy and Kelsey own the shop and can brew up just about anything. They also have launched a coffee catering business! If you are in Gold Beach, Port Orford, Brookings-Harbor, or Crescent City, let them know the dates and times you need coffee, and they will get you all set-up. You will not regret it! They have many blends to select from and you can get everything from espresso to drip blends.

5. Cosmic Grind in the Port of Brookings-Harbor may seem like just another ordinary coffee stand. I can assure you, it is anything but. Jessica (the amazing owner) takes the coffee we roast and turns it into magic bean juice! She cares about every single drink she prepares. The prices are amazing! Her coffee stand is easy to get to, easy to order, and even though you might have to wait a few minutes, she will make it SO well worth your time. She offers every milk type you can think of; lactose free? Yep. Almond milk? Of course! Coconut milk? Most definitely!

6. Otterbees Market www.otterbeesmarket.com This on-line food delivery service reaches far and wide in Curry County. She has everything on her website from cosmetics to coffee. Her fresh produce and meat sections are truly delicious. The best part is that the food you order can be delivered to your home or home away from home. There is no reason you can't enjoy healthy, amazing food while you are on vacation on the Oregon Coast!

7. Oxenfre Public House is located on the Chetco Ave. in Brookings www.oxenpub.com is your answer to the question: "what's for dinner" when you don't want to cook. They do everything to order. The coffee? Get this... They will grind the coffee to order and French Press it at your table in front of you! It is truly an experience like none other. You have to give it a try! Don't forget to tag #nectaroflifeorganiccoffee when you do!

8. First Rise Bakery in Brookings is second to none for baked goods in the morning for breakfast (or lunch). They brew up our Morning Dew and it has been called the "best coffee and scone on the Oregon Coast." I don't know about scones, but I do know about their gluten free macaroons... I know them well. Maybe too well... They also feature gyro's and homemade pizza a few times a week. The menu changes and allows their guests to always try something new.

9. By The Sea Gift Shop in Gold Beach is one of the only florists in Curry County. They are certainly the best! They have a wonderful selection of fresh, big rose buds, beautiful baby's breath, and the kind of gifts you need when you vacation to the beach. Did I mention their fudge shop? If not, they have every fudge flavor you can think of! If you go in, they will even offer you a sample. You won't be able to leave without buying some! That is for sure! They feature Nectar of Life Coffee and our Pistol River Blend. The Pistol River Blend is a BRAND NEW blend with a custom label that features the landscape of the Oregon Coast. It makes a great gift to take home, or mark your adventure while you were here.

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