It is no secret, coffee has radically gone up in price even for the quasi cheap coffee. With non-organic coffee you run the risk of adding "bulking" agents like chicory, or robusta. Some folks mistake robusta as a type of "coffee." Although similar looking, robusta beans are much higher in caffeine and acidity. (Hence the reason some folks say "coffee makes me sick." I will get into more detail about different coffee beans in another post). A good cup of coffee is well worth it's weight in beans.

The best way to find out what coffee is going to work best for you is by asking around. Read reviews, and ask questions of manufacturers. If possible, purchase sample sizes (usually about 2.2 oz or more) to determine if it is going to be what you want to buy a larger quantity of. There is nothing worse than buying a bag of coffee you have to return or begrudgingly chug because coffee costs money. Let's be honest, life is too short for that.

Although "single cup" coffee brewers have exploded over the last few years, there are plenty of draw backs. The first of which is cost. In the packages we purchased and tested the weight per tiny plastic container ranged from 8-12 grams. There are 453.6 (approximate) grams in a pound. That means each pound of coffee is going to cost you $45.60. (Did you just fall over? I did too). Now, I don't know about you, but that seems a bit insane. You can buy 4 pounds of fresh roasted, gourmet, organic, and Fair Trade certified coffee on our site and have it delivered to your door for that price. Even on a GREAT sale, you are still going to pay well over $25.00 a pound for perceived "convenience." It would be far more economical to purchase and use a reusable filter if you insist on only brewing one cup at a time.

Once you have a coffee you love, sign up to the website to be notified of sales, and coupon codes. Always stock up during sales. Keep in mind, some single origin coffee is seasonal and once the crop year is gone, it is gone. If you can get a single origin coffee on sale, buy as much as you can afford. Nectar of Life Coffee is always fresh roasted and you can store it unopened, away from light and heat for up to one year after roasting.

Finally, no matter how much you paid for the coffee, always find ways to use what remains. Coffee grounds are great in garbage disposals for deodorizing. They quickly compost as well. Small amounts of spent grounds can be used mixed with body wash and used as an exfoliate for dry skin in the shower (always be careful as coffee has oils and it could cause the shower to become slippery. Only make enough to use for a single shower).
May your coffee mug be ever full.

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