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Christmas is less than two weeks away. The New Year is less than three weeks away. As I type that, it seemed a bit impossible. Wasn't it just the 4th of July?

I know some of you probably procrastinated on shopping for a few folks on your list because they are notoriously hard-to-buy for. Procrastinate no further! I have a list of things every beverage drinker on your list will LOVE!

1. The Coffee Lover
There is something magical about using a hand crank coffee grinder. With over 4.5 stars on Amazon, This product is pretty stellar. Pairs well with Namataste from Nectar of Life Coffee This is GREAT news because even when our retail website is closed from December 20th to January 2nd, you can still purchase fresh roasted coffee (we just sent in a fresh batch TODAY!).

2. The Beverage To-Go Person
Iron Flask Brand Water Bottle
Awe man... This next item is near and dear to my heart because it is the FIRST thing my kids purchased with their hard-earned money FOR ME. I love it more than I can explain in a blog post. I even bought accessories for it for Christmas (Santa doesn't care if you put some things for yourself under the tree, right?) The Iron Flask has already endured abuse, and (accidental) freezing conditions. It is still beautiful and perfect. I can't imagine loving a water bottle more than this one. It has a stainless interior, with a beautiful enamel exterior. I have the peach one but there are A LOT of other colors to choose from!

3. The Espresso Guru
We can't all afford to shower our loved ones with Italian Espresso Machines for Christmas. If you are on a budget, we highly recommend the Aeropress. The coffee that comes out is SO neat and clean it may make people forgo their K-cups! There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing how to use it, and all you have to do is rinse it out. The flavor of the espresso is DIVINE. Trust me. Get this.

4. Hot Chocolate Lover
Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate
We used to represent this line, but due to the shipping time and cost, we couldn't compete with Amazon. If you can't beat them, refer to them (I guess???) The Fair Trade Organic Hot chocolate is second to none. We have tried at least a dozen other brands that claim to have Fair Trade and Organic chocolate, but these guys definitely have the best. The quality is consistent. The flavor is amazing.

5. The Camping Family
Stansport I know there are a lot of "cuter" ones out there, but there is something classic and comforting about the blue speckled enamel. It reminds me of camping with my family when I was a kid. It would rain almost every time and it was okay, because I knew, at breakfast, there would be coffee. This set is boxed up nicely and would make a great "family gift."

6. Residents of California and Oregon
The plastic bag ban is now in effect for several states. So you are going to need to bring in your own shopping bags starting on January 1st. This is a mild inconvenience. Lessen the sting by gifting these to family and friends. They are cute, compact and two fit in my purse with room for everything else I tote around. I can attest to the quality because I have one and I have used it/washed it a number of times and it still functions perfectly. Very highly recommended!

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