Fresh Coffee is GREAT Coffee!

Posted by H.Jennings on 9/21/2019

Fresh Coffee is Great Coffee

Quick note: Yes, there are Amazon links in this blog post. Normally, I link to things without getting credit, but I decided that I still have to pay my bills and let’s face it, if the products help you, then we both win. Clicking the links helps us a lot.

I have a few customers that purchase the sample packs from us every few weeks because they want the freshest coffee possible. They don’t go through much, so for them, the smaller pack works. The small packs (especially in whole bean) keep the coffee EXACTLY how it was when it was roasted for 6 weeks. After that, you get a little bit of oil coming out of the beans, but it still tastes perfectly fresh for up to one year.

But what about the rest of us that go through substantially more coffee?

My first recommendation is this: Step 1 buy the coffee you want. You will keep the coffee in the ORIGINAL bag it came in (meaning don’t actually pour the coffee into the container) and stick the whole bag & coffee into this:

The container is large enough to fit a 10 oz bag in. Bonus: it comes with a coffee scoop! You can just open the container each morning, unroll the bag, grab what you need, then seal it all back up. The last scoop should be as good as the first. (Or darn close). The best thing about this one is that it excludes light, light is one of the enemies of coffee. Oxygen is the other enemy. This solution takes care of both “problems.”

The next solution is not quite as perfect as the one above, but it is good for those of us that buy in bulk. I have these containers for my flours, and cereals. It does allow light in, so make sure you keep it in a dark, cool pantry. This container holds a 5 lb bag (in theory). Disclaimer, no container I have found fits the 5 lb of French Roast or Komodo Decaf. These roast levels are very dark and the beans are just too big. If you buy the bag “Drip Grind” you are good to go.

Those that buy the smaller bags and go through the whole thing within a week don’t necessarily need a “full storage solution.” They can just use the bag that we roast the coffee and ship it out in. The thick poly bag with one-way valve works to exclude light, and oxygen from the bag. The only “potential” issue can be with the resealable tape. That’s why I highly recommend Talisman Designs Coffee Clip. Besides being absolutely adorable (seriously, people are going to ask where you got it), it has fantastic form and function. It keeps the bag completely sealed, and the scoop measures out coffee without having to pour the coffee all willy-nilly.

What do you do to keep your coffee fresh? We want to hear about it and see pictures! Tag us in the photo on Instagram using #nectaroflifeorganiccoffeeco. You can also post the photo on our facebook page @nectaroflifeorganiccoffeeco.

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