Gift Basket changes coming soon!

If something is perfect, leave it alone. If it isn’t fix it! With this in mind, I am hard at work putting together our brand new gift basket collection for the upcoming holiday season.

I will be introducing a young man that works in his home shop creating some amazing pieces I found from His story will be featured on the back of each coaster. You won’t just like them, you will love them! I know we do.

We will be eliminating ceramic coffee mugs. Everyone has at least 30 of them. The other downside? They break… often. That is a bummer. BUT our travel mugs are here to stay and we will be adding some new options. On the plus side… If you are shopping for mugs, I will be listing the ones remaining in inventory on instagram for sale with free shipping. You will get a beautiful Fair Trade mug for a crazy low price.

I am currently looking at other items to add to our gift baskets. I love the idea of coffee scoops, candied fruits (I am obsessed with ginger these days. It is so delicious!), and practical items like milk frothing wands. I will have images and descriptions up soon, so stay tuned!

We have elected to change our tea options. While the individual packs are cute, they are not fun when you are tracing hundreds of bags for Organic audits. Tea will still be offered, but it will be in the full box (usually 16-18 per box). The other downside is that we will not be offering tea as an item to purchase on our website “a la cart.” Again, it comes down to those audits. We have to cut down on the time the inspectors are here. Since we don’t manufacture the item(s), we will only have them available in gift baskets.

The hot chocolate is the same story as the tea. We will only be offering it for sale in our gift baskets this season. The trace reports are much easier through only the gift basket side.

Bars of chocolate are getting the ax also. Those pesky things have been a headache for years. They melt, freeze, and make these neat little white “separation” flecks. Organic, Fair Trade chocolate is at least twice as expensive as “other” gourmet chocolate. We are just cutting our losses so to speak.

You may find the price of some of the baskets is a bit more expensive. We are “adjusting our sails” so to speak rather than eliminating inventory. Fair Trade imported baskets are at least 15% more over last year. We are still investing, but doing so very wisely. Our focus, our drive, and our passion is the coffee. We are narrowing our field of view to make sure the coffee is second to none.

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