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Nectar of Life is a gourmet coffee roaster that ONLY roasts certified organic and Fair Trade coffees. We FRESH ROAST all coffees after the order is placed, and we ONLY roast Arabica coffees. We offer gourmet coffees that rival the world's best conventional blends with the added benefit that all of our blends contain nothing but certified organic coffees.
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Happy Place
Organic Fair Trade Dark Roast Coffee Blend.
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Peru Swiss Water Organic Decaf.
Dark Roasted Swiss Water Decaffeinated Peruvian Coffee.
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Dark roasted Fair Trade organic coffee from East Timor.
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Ultimate Espresso
Dark Roasted Organic Fair Trade Espresso Blend.
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White Coffee
Organic Fair Trade American White Coffee
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The Reasons We Use Only Certified Organic Fair Trade Coffees

Nectar of Life started in late 2002. We didn't choose organic Fair Trade as a marketing gimmick. Back then most people didn't know what Fair Trade was and people didn't have a true appreciate for certified organic products. Nectar of Life chose to only roast fairly traded organic coffees because that is what we as a company believe is the right thing to do.

Organic Coffee

From his experience in agriculture and chemistry our Master Roaster knew there were a lot of unknowns when it comes to genetically modified foods. As a company we feel that we and our customers shouldn't be guinea pigs for Big Ag. with their GMO's. One of the primary benefits of USDA Certified Organic products is that they cannot contain genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Being certified GMO free would be enough of a benefit for many people, but certified organic means so much more. Organic coffees aren't sprayed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Without the aid of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides organic coffee farmers have to use sustainable farming practices. This involves mulching and painstaking attention to detail. This results in meticulously grown coffees that are free of synthetic chemicals and are of the highest quality.

Pesticides are not only bad for the consumer and the enviroment, but they are bad for the farmers. Farmers may be exposed to dangerous concentrations of herbicides and insecticides. This may result in serious health issues and disease. Most coffee farmers are working on sustenance wages, so they do not have access to advanced medical care like people in the United States and other countries. By growing coffee organically organic Fair Trade coffee farmers are providing a service to consumers, the environment and themselves!

Fair Trade Coffee

The reason Nectar of Life chose to only roast certified Fair Trade coffees goes back to our Master Roaster once again. In college he learned of the extremely poor conditions of most coffee farming regions. There are estate coffees throughout the world, but rich estate owners don't necessarily pay their workers well. Many families try to eek out an existence by growing various crops and selling them, including coffee. Coffee is a bit different than other crops because it requires a fairly complex processing prior to being ready for market. This processing requires a mill and other equipment. Most coffee farmers have very limited resources. Throughout Latin America there are middle men referred to as coyotes. They offer poor farmers pennies on the dollar for their crops. Many times poor farming families don't have the ways or means to process their coffee cherries or get them to the mill. Coyotes with vehicles and equipment can take advantage of the situation leaving the farmer with little choice than to sell their hard earned crop for pennies.

Fair Trade helps poor farming communities to get ahead. Fair Trade coffee farmers are members of a democratically operated coop. Fair Trade sets minimum prices that are above the commodity market. If Fair Trade farmers grow certified organic coffees they earn an even higher minimum. Not only does Fair Trade guarantee a higher profit for their coffees, but the money is paid direct to the farming families. Members of the FLO Fair Trade program are mostly small farming families. Large estate farms are not allowed to be part of the program. By only purchasing certified Fair Trade organic coffees Nectar of Life is helping poor farmers and ensuring its customers receive CLEAN coffee.